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The Confederate States of America was a country formed by the thirteen states which officially and unofficially seceded from the United States due to disagreements over states’ rights and slavery. It existed from 1861, when the first states began seceding and joining together, until the end of the American Civil War in 1865, when the states were reentered into the United States of America and the Confederate States of America’s federal and state governments were forced to dissolve.
Following the American Revolution tension began to build in the United States between the northern and southern states. Slavery and states’ rights were the two main issues causing disagreement. The United States was moving towards ending slavery. For the southern …show more content…

A confederacy is, according to Susan Gold in Forms of Government, a grouping of multiple independent states or territories who join to work together. Gold also explains that a confederacy only works when all of the states or territories involved are able to agree on all major decisions. If the individual states or territories disagree on any major decision it can lead to strong divisions between them, and, since a confederation’s central government has very little power over the states, there will be little or nothing holding the country together. In a confederation each state typically makes its own laws which cannot be overruled by the federal government (Gold, 10). The Confederate States of America’s government was not a strong union held together by a central government like the United States. Instead the Confederate constitution allowed the states to operate much more independently. Article one of the constitution outlined how legislative powers would be delegated. It also described the congress and how it would work. Article two described the executive office. The only major difference from the executive office of the United States was the term length for the president, which was lengthened to six years. The third article established a judicial branch of government with a supreme court as its highest power, much like the judicial branch of the …show more content…

Missouri and Kentucky both seceded unofficially and were claimed by both the Confederacy and the Union. Missouri voted not to secede, but after another state government was established, the remaining members of the original government who had supported Missouri’s secession and entrance into the Confederate States of America met in Neosho, Missouri and voted for secession. This led to two competing state governments, one Union and one Confederate. Each state government supported their associated countries with supplies and troops. Kentucky was involved in a similar situation during the war. Kentucky declared itself to be neutral at the beginning of the war but was claimed by both sides. The original government was mostly pro-union and was opposed by a pro-confederacy government which was formed by citizens who wished to secede. Both the Union and Confederate governments recruited soldiers and received supplies from the state, despite its claimed neutrality.

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