Essay On Conceptual Management Skills In The Movie The Flaw

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Name-Habtamu Fikru
Conceptual Management Skills in the movie “The Flaw”
 Management is the act or skill of controlling and making decisions about a business, department or big organization. According to Kinicki Williams’ “The Exceptional Manager”, a good example of someone with the skills star qualities of a manager includes conceptual skills. According to the same source, Conceptual skill is the ability to visualize organization as a whole and it includes analytical, creative and initiative skills. It helps managers to fix goals for the whole organization and to plan for every situation. This skill is mostly required by the higher level management because they spend more time in planning and solving problems. According to Kinicki, the main goal of the use of conceptual tools is to improve the quality of decision or sense making process. Managers will have to rely more and more on their interpretation, analysis and questioning skills than on their prior knowledge and experience, as their environment becomes increasingly turbulent. The goal of conceptual management tool is not to present a definitive road map towards a pre given solution. It merely offers a systematic framework for orientation and progress. It provides steps, structures and formats that synchronize actions and allow groups and individuals to proceed in a coordinated manner. The goal of conceptual management is to improve the quality of the decision making or problem solving process. This should be achieved by improving communicative and cognitive process.
 For this particular project I selected a topic covered in one of the chapters in the book, “The Exceptional Manager” in chapter one and show how this topic is illust...

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...Greenspan admitting in his testimony, Greenspan said that, in light of a crisis he characterized as "a once-in-a-century financial tsunami," he was wrong to think financial markets could police themselves. He incorrectly had expected the discipline of the market would prevent financial institutions from taking life-threatening risks. I think the movie showed how Greenspan was mistaken in his free-market convictions to make wrong decisions, especially his failure to rein in unsafe mortgage lending practices. This is a very good example of lacking conceptual managerial skills causing harsh economic consequences to people and a country.

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