Essay On College Is Not Worth The Cost

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Is it Really Worth the Cost? College is a very controversial subject in the 21st century. Many people believe that college is a necessary gate way into life after high school but, some people feel it’s not worth it. College is not a necessary skill set in today’s age because it is way too expensive for the yield it produces, after college many students go into massive debt, and we lose the value of a hard working trait job. The average cost of a public 4 year college is approximately $9,410 a year, according to When taking out student loans to afford college the total comes out to $37,640, then when adding the cost of the interest, the total at the end of the day could be outrageously high. Many people right out of college don’t make that amount right out of college, so trying to pay off student loans and get a stable life could be quite stressful. College needs to be cheaper than it already cost due to the fact that the yield is not as high as the cost.…show more content…
“A record share of students are leaving college with a substantial debt burden…about half say that paying off their debt made it harder to pay other bills.” Students are in so much debt that it takes them forever to get stable on their feet and can’t seem to have stable lives. The debt students are in takes so long to pay off that the interest begins to sky rocket while they are trying to pay for their debts, bills, and all the other human needs. College isn’t worth the cost because most students are in substantial debt that they are unable to handle thus never being able to get their lives in order till it’s too
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