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Child Labor has been around for a long time. Child Labor is the use of children in industry of business, especially when illegal or considered inhumane. Child Labor harms children and/or keeps them from school and from their childhood. Multiple children that are over the age of eight already have jobs. Children are already treated as adults by the age of thirteen and some already have children of their own. Child Labor is bad for society and younger children because children are losing their childhood and aren’t getting an education like other children are. It’s difficult to know how many children under the age of fifteen. Most kids that are involved in child labor are forced to do it and if they refuse they are beaten and sometimes hung because they will refuse to work. It is very dangerous and unsuitable for kids to work. Kids can be easily stressed if they are beaten. Parents sell their kids to horrible people and make them do awful things.
Poor children and their family may have to rely on child labor in order to improve their chances of attaining basic necessities. In 2006, 75 million children were not in school, they were limiting future opportunities for their communities. A 2009 report by the United Nations estimated that achieving education for everyone. World’s Children would cost about 10 to 30 billion dollars, that’s about 0.7% - 0.2% outsourcing, that makes it really difficult to monitor who is performing child labor. There are many different forms of child labor all around the world. ual cost of the global military spending. Even when laws or codes of conduct exist, they are sometimes violated. The manufacture and export of product involve a lot of layers of production and About 215 child laborers are around the...

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...t an education and or they could have a better life than they do know. Kids need to stand up for themselves and make a difference. If adults around them aren’t going to stand up, kids can stand up for others and help others. Kids don’t realise how powerful they can be if they set their mind to it. People in the US have gone into battle with other countries to fight for kids they didn’t even know. People in the US have adopted different kids around the world so they didn’t have to be a “slave” no longer. Many, many years ago a lady that lived in China adopted 13 different kids around the world plus her own 4 children. The woman from China educated them and when they were old enough to get a job she asked if they really wanted to work for themselves and they said they wanted a family of their own and to help others like their mother helped them. This woman is hero.

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