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A brief review of four papers relating to parents with children who have autism: psychological and sociological perspectives

This paper will discuss the psychological and sociological perspectives of parents who have children with autism. This paper will address the psychology – the performance of individuals and their mental actions (Gerrig, Zimbardo, Campbell, Cumming, & Wilkes, 2005) and the sociology – the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society. (Germov, 2009) . The psychological and sociological processes will both be looked at from the parents’ perspective in relation to their child’s autism. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that is characterized by social interaction and communication deficiencies, restricted and repetitive behaviors patterns, and frequently a wide variety of other symptoms (Ekas & Whitman, 2011). The condition of ASD often presents severe problems for parents as they try to cope with the demands produced by their child’s disability and the social consequences that flow from it (Gray, 2002). This essay will examine four papers that convey psychological and sociological perspectives of parents who have children with ASD.

Paper one studies the felt and enacted stigma among parents of children with high functioning autism. 53 parents with children who have high functioning autism were interviewed. The interviews conducted were through in-depth semi-structured interviews. Both a psychological and sociological approach was used to research this question. This is because the questions that were asked covered both of psychological and sociological perspectives of parents. The research method used was qualitative. The results from the paper showed that ...

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...iagnosis were particularly concerned about how their children would fare, as they became young adults. Parents of children diagnosed with autism have made positive adaptations in the form of changed worldviews concerning life and disability, and have come to appreciate the positive contributions made by children to society as a whole. The author believes the limitation is that the severity of the autism was not measured. Also, a limitation of the study is that they should’ve broadened the area in which the population was interviewed in such as making it across a number of towns.
In conclusion it can be seen that the 4 papers have all looked at the psychological nd sociological perspectives of having children with ASD. have accurately review the psychological and sociological effects of psychological and sociological perspective of parnts with children who have asd.
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