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Fraakquis Jackson Mrs. Little English III 21 May 2014 Athletic sports trainers are highly qualified professionals who study in the field of sports medicine, also trained in preventing, recognizing, managing, and rehabilitating injuries that result in and from physical and sports activities. In order to become a sports trainer one must at minimum obtain a bachelor’s degree through an accredited athletic training program or attend school at a four year university and obtain a degree in sports training and management. Certification requirements vary from state to state, but almost all states require athletic trainers to have license or certification (“Athletic Training”). Athletic trainers must have achieved a bachelor’s degree from a four year college. Students who want to become certified athletic trainers must at earn a degree from an accredited athletic training curriculum (“Athletic Training”). Although athletic trainers need at least a bachelor’s degree an master’s degree can be the accredited to become an athletic trainer because of how the are so much in common. Requirements from most states also include graduating form an accredited program and also passing the (BOC) it requires the completion of a CAATE accredited program and passing an exam. In school settings trainers may have to take on some teaching responsibilities, and also need a teaching certificate or license. All certifications require completing the BOC exam, adhering to BOC standards of practice and disciplinary process, and taking continuing education course. High school students who are interested in taking athletic trainer programs should go through courses in anatomy, physiology, and physics. Some athletic trainers may need a higher degree to eligible... ... middle of paper ... ...135), and government settings (up 9% to $50,716). Sports medicine is a very important, needed component of being an athletic sports trainer. Sports medicine focuses on improving the body’s performance during recovery from injuries, and preventing injuries in the future. Sports medicine is one of the fastest growing areas of health care because health workers who are specialized in sports medicine help many “regular” as well as athletes. sports medicine professionals treat patients who do their in playing sports just for or just want to regain full function, and people who have disabilities and want to increase their mobility and capability. Sports medicine takes in simple first-aid and injury prevention, training the right kind if athletic equipment. Sports medicine has been around for a long time and has been available to any and all injured athletes
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