Sports Organizations And Governance Essay

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Introduction Sports have been around for thousands of years. The history of sports in United States began back in the 1840s. United States is a very unique country when we look at its sports, just like every country has a different structure of sports so does US. This paper will be taking about the Sports Organizations and Governance, the sports industry, sports organizations, and Structure of sports in the United States. It will also cover the Sport in the United States vs. Other Western Democracies by taking a look at the State Political, historical context, team objectives, and sports organizations. It will also cover the uniqueness of American sport as well as cover the mass participation and give recommendations on how to increase participation and success. Sports in the US Sport Organizations and Governance Governance refers to how governing bodies are directed and controlled. Governing bodies are an important part of the sport industry. A governing body is usually structured in a way to attain its definite missions within the environment in which it works. However one of the main challenges this process might face is its process because the governing body must sustain a level of stability and consistency, as well as be responsive to change in the marketplace over time. A sports manager must understand the knowledge of how a governing body is organized, in order to be able to understand that governing body operates in a particular manner and why some bodies are more effective than others. On a large scale, governance describes methods a governing body uses to ensure its citizens follow established protocol. At the macro level, there is a loosely coupled organizations structure that supervises and maintains respons... ... middle of paper ... ... fans who stop attending games and the success of the team will be going down. Now if we take a look at a regular soccer team in England for example Liverpool, the fans know that the owner wants to do what’s best for the team and want to win, so even if the team is struggling the stadium will still be sold out just because the fans trust the owner will do what’s best for the team and they will support the team no matter whether they are playing well or not. Now if Liverpool started to sell all their best players just so that the owner could make some money the fans would slowly stop going to the games. The number one recommendation for American teams is that they should focus on building teams to which players and fans would be loyal to, and then they will build success and gain revenue in the process. This can definitely be a changing factor for sports in America.

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