Essay On African American Sexism

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643 words

Hooks believes that slavery, a manifestation of radical imperialism, is at its core a concept of sexism. Slavery is the owner ship of “lesser” human begins in which the dominate group subjugates a dominated group. “Institutionalized sexism- that is, patriarchy-formed the base of the American social structure along with racial imperialism. Sexism was an integral part of the social and political order white colonizers brought with them from their European homelands, and it was to have a grave impact on the fate of enslaved black women” (Hooks, p.15). It is then that at the core of slavery in US American culture, white males and white females saw themselves as higher beings due to their identities as being first males then females, then property beneath them. The origins of African American slaves assimilating this sexual hierarchy, comes first; as proposed by Stables “enslaved black men felt responsible for all …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains hooks' view that slavery is at its core a concept of sexism.
  • Explains that male salve owners bribed black women as preparation for sexual overtures so as to place them in the role of prostitute. white slave owners felt absolved of responsibility for such acts.
  • Analyzes how the idea of payment absolved the wrongness away from raping for most men, placing black females lower among white female perspectives.
  • Opines that women have not met equality goals due to wage gaps, work force cooperation, male dominate occupations, social practices, and fear.

Factors include, but not limited to: wage gapes, work force cooperation, male dominate occupations that single out or force out women (such as technology development), social practices (such as sexual liberation/experimentation), and fear. What these topics overtly demonstrate is that males have higher liberties in these areas. Careers often differentiate and consciously or subconsciously give males greater recognitions and advanced rights then females. Socially, females are more constrained in what is deemed as acceptable and unacceptable. In total, females have greater expectations and limitations then males; forcing most women to passively accept the antiquated cultural ideals of pre-21th century US America. Though a tragedy, as a male I feel that my role can only go so far, and that I would like to see change but have no concreate motives to actively change these trends. This I feel is large opinion of most males in US society today and has the detrimental consequence of impeding women’s

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