The Yellow Wall Paper

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Though most women in the 21st century obtain degrees and indulge in the workforce as opposed to being the stereotypical housewife, gender roles among men and women have not changed in the minds of the majority. It is still believed that there is more of an advantage to being a man than a woman. From physical to intellectual dominance, many men and women themselves buy into this facade that being a man is significantly more desirable. Not that women desire to be men, though that sometimes is the case, but women want the same perks and respect that you get being a man. Women do in fact have more power in the workforce, and more men can be found running their homes, yet there are still social expectations that guide the idea of what it means to be male or female.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story The Yellow Wall Paper portrays gender roles in the victorian era. The narrator is a woman suffering postpartum depression. She turns to her husband and physician, John, and he ignores the presence of mental illness and prescribes the rest cure saying she has only “slight hysterical tend...
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