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2285 words

My brother and I were very close. We shared a certain type of bond; we did everything together. Our family situation brought us close as it appeared it was just the two of us against the world. I was almost four years older than he. As the big sister I felt it was my job to protect him. It was then at the age of 7 I realized it was not just strangers that I needed to be leary of.
My brother and I were dropped off yet again at another person’s house. This time who knew for how long. My mother worked several jobs to provide for us is how she explained it, and she had to make sacrifices. All I knew at a very young age is I would rather live in a box with my mom, and brother than to be left with strangers day after day.
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In this essay, the author

  • Describes how their family situation brought them close as it appeared it was just the two of them against the world. at the age of 7, they realized it wasn't just strangers that they needed to be leary of.
  • Opines that they would rather live in a box with their mom, and brother than to be left with strangers day after day.
  • Describes how the babysitter reassured their mother that they were in good hands and kissed them goodbye.
  • Describes how they were parked in front of the television immediately after their mother left. the babysitter gave them snacks, and something to drink to keep them out of her hair.
  • Narrates how they were swept away by two men running with their brothers and screamed, but quickly were silenced.
  • Describes how they were thrown into the backseat of a car and heard the door slam, and then another. they realized it was their brother, who was crying.
  • Narrates how they woke up to find their father was gone before their brother was born. one of the men opened the door and told the lady to bring them inside.
  • Narrates how johnathan sat there in silence. he didn't ask where we were or where our mother was, and for a small instance, they were glad.
  • Narrates how they were overcome by mixed emotions. they were scared, uncomfortable, and wanted their mother.
  • Recounts how they ran out of the room crying, ran around the apartment but didn't know where to go. they collapsed in a corner, and cried for their mother.
  • Narrates how they were too scared to get up during the night to find the bathroom. vanessa gave them one of her shirts and told them they could wear it as a dress until they got clothes for us.
  • Narrates how they started to miss their mother more and more as the days went on. they wondered if they would ever see her again, like they did with their dad.
  • Narrates how vanessa showed them a pretty dress, and new shoes. they thanked her for the locket, but didn't understand why they were wearing pictures of her and their father.
  • Recalls feeling the sunshine on their face through the car window. they didn't care where they were going.
  • Describes how they felt the echo of their footsteps when they walked into a brick building. they yelled back and pulled away from vanessa, but she wouldn't let them go.
  • Recounts how they were left with vanessa and their father in a large room. they couldn't even look at them.
  • Narrates how they pushed away from their mother and demanded to know why she left. they cried and panicked, as if it was happening all over again.
  • Describes how they saw their father, vanessa, and the other lady talking as they walked down the hall to the front doors. they held tight to their mother's hand and ripped the necklace and locket off of their neck.
  • Narrates how they realized they needed to fear people they did not know and those who were supposed to be kin. they looked at their father for the last night, standing in the hall of the court house.

I heard the door slam, and then another, and another. I heard a faint sound, and I realized it was my brother. He was in the floor next to me; crying. There was a big lady with dark hair sitting in the back seat looking down at us. That’s when I too began to cry. She tried to comfort us, but there was so much commotion going on in the car. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk, I was completely frozen. My brother, and I held hands on the floor of the car, and sobbed to ourselves through a car ride that seemed like an eternity. I remembered there was a small rusty hole in the floor where I could see the road. I must have fallen asleep with the trance of the pavement under us, and the sound of my heart beat ringing in my …show more content…

I wondered if I would ever see her again? Would l forget what she looked like just like I did with my dad. At night I barely slept. I could hear my father and Vanessa argue constantly. This didn’t seem to affect my brother in anyway. He slept soundly at night, and was rambunctious all day. He seemed happy, and he never mentioned our mother. One of the nights where I laid awake just staring at the ceiling, I overheard my father telling Vanessa that he had to bring us, and he didn’t have a choice. Bring us where? I never understood what they were arguing about. I did hear Vanessa talking about taking us to her parents house in Ohio, but eventually the arguing

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