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I used my imagination to find another way to do something when I was bored. I would play with my sister in our bedroom, we first stacked up all the pillows in the room that we were in, then I would try and get on top of the pillow tower. Then as I struggled up the pillow tower, it felt like I was taller than my sister, or even at the top of the world! After that, the tower fell, it felt like I was skydiving, then when I hit the bed I bounced as if I was on a trampoline, then I would lie on my back laughing. Sometimes our mom would be going into the room to check on us, sometimes she says,"Be careful", or, "Clean up when you're done." Sometimes we would get in trouble, or mostly me, because we would do dangerous things without knowing, or we might break things that look nice. We would also mess up our beds, and leave it like that for the rest of the day, but the only times we would clean up is when we would play another game, or we had to eat. …show more content…

I would think that the scenery was the icy blue ice of Antarctica and my penguin plushies would be talking to eachother about the decrease of their food - which only consisted of fish and krill. Then, the dad penguin would be a business-penguin and the mom and only child/chick would stay home, and sometimes the chick would go to school and talk to this bunny plushie, which was one of my friend's favorite plushies. My friend's bunny plushie would be a normal brown bunny, but with colorful easter eggs all over it body. The dad penguin would go to work and talk about the quickly decreasing number of fish, then the dad penguin would be done with work and go to their home/igloo and slightly exaggerate what happened at work, but the mom would know which part of his story that he was

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