My Literacy Autobiography

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The story of my history as a writer is a very long one. My writing has come full circle. I have changed very much throughout the years, both as I grew older and as I discovered more aspects of my own personality. The growth that I see when I look back is incredible, and it all seems to revolve around my emotions. I have always been a very emotional girl who feels things keenly. All of my truly memorable writing, looking back, has come from experiences that struck a chord with my developing self. This assignment has opened my eyes, despite my initial difficulty in writing it. When I was asked to write down my earliest memory of writing, at first I drew a blank. All of a sudden, it became very clear to me, probably because it had some childhood trauma associated with it.

I must have been a very little girl, probably about four years old. The memory is somewhat fuzzy, but I do remember that I had been naughty and that I had been made to stand in the corner of our dining room as a result. I think I was being punished for my antics at the dinner table. While I stood there feeling incredibly sorry for myself, I could hear the rest of my family in the other room talking and laughing. This only made me feel even more sad and alone than before. I began to feel neglected and I decided that my mother had forgotten about me.

I quickly reached boredom, as many young children do when left alone. So I began looking around, and lo and behold - I spied a crayon laying on the floor next to my foot. I picked up the crayon (red, I think it was), and I made a decision. I was going to take action against my cruel punishment! I grasped the crayon in my small hand and I scrawled "HELP ME!" on the wall in my corner! I do not know wh...

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... have fragments of ideas in my head, but they are not ready to be concrete yet. I think about them a lot when I go to sleep at night, and sometimes my dreams reveal where I might go in my book. I hope it will be a reality someday, but not just yet. Right now I am going to be content with my poetry and journal, and whatever else I may be inspired to do in the spur of the moment.

As these few tales reveal, my memories of writing are strongly connected with the intense emotions I felt as I grew up. They are filled with joy, disappointment, boredom, and pride. I believe that each of these experiences has brought me to where I am today. I can only look to the future and hope that my growth will continue, and my writing will reflect those changes within me. As a writer, I have grown immeasurably and will continue to so long as I can find some paper and a pencil.
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