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Earnest Hemingway’s work gives a glimpse of how people deal with their problems in society. He conveys his own characteristics through his simple and “iceberg” writing style, his male characters’ constant urge to prove their masculinity.
Hemingway’s writing style is not the most complicated one in contrast to other authors of his time. He uses plain grammar and easily accessible vocabulary in his short stories; capturing more audience, especially an audience with less reading experience. “‘If you’d gone on that way we wouldn’t be here now,’ Bill said” (174). His characters speak very plain day to day language which many readers wouldn’t have a problem reading. “They spent the night of the day they were married in a Bostan Hotel” (8). Even in his third person omniscient point of view he uses a basic vocabulary which is common to the reader.
Hemingway was very good at stating impressive amount of things in a one short sentence. “Hemingway’s mature style of writing short, declarative sentences developed at the Star”(Oliver 3). He acquired this skill from working at a Newspaper company. He uses minimal amount of words to make a powerful point. “Mr. and Mrs. Elliot tried very hard to have a baby” (1). This short sentence itself raises many questions and it states many things; the inability of the Mr. Elliot to satisfy his wife sexually or questioning Mr. Elliot sexual preference and as well as of Mrs. Elliot. “The liquor had all died out of him and left him alone” (171). This short line describes how lonely the character of Nick Adam feels and how sad he feels for the loss of her girl friend Marjorie. “‘Well, Doc,’ he said, ‘that’s a nice lot of timber you’ve stolen’” (7). This particular sentence has so much weight that it shakes th...

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...s his work. Explores his career after high school.
Stewart, Matthew. "Why Does Mother Elliot Cry? Cornelia's Sexuality In "Mr. And Mrs. Elliot." Hemingway Review 24.1 (2004): 81-89. Literary Reference Center. Web. 1 Apr. 2014. Explores the story “Mr. And Mrs. Elliot” in detail. It talk’s about Hemingway’s writing style in the story and how some elements strongly support the satire that Hemingway tried to put across. Article also put forward the theme of masculinity.
Werlock, Abby H. P. "'The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife'." The Facts On File Companion to the American Short Story, Second Edition. New York: Facts On File, Inc., 2009. Bloom's Literature. Facts On File, Inc. Web. 22 Apr. 2014. The article talks about the letter sent by Hemingway to his father about the story “The Doctor and Doctor’s wife”. It also explores the theme used in the story and the settings.

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