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What is a short story? For Earnest Hemingway, it was a means of expression that gave him an outlet to show the world how impactful his life was on his works. One of his earliest writing being a journal from his teenage years, Hemingway has proven time and time again how skilled of a writer he was, and it was no surprise. With a life like his, he was provided very good material to work with. In various works written by Earnest Hemingway, there are common themes of intimate harm as well as human suffering not only reflected in his short stories, but also in the authors personal life.
Earnest Hemingway's works began appearing in the mid 1920's. He appeared in the time of Gertrude Stein, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and others of the sort (Salter). Having befriended them, he later "broke with almost all his literary friends" (Salter). Hemingway's writing was so highly acclaimed that he was considered the voice of his generation. In relation to his works, what should be noted of his biographical background is a short list of rather important events. Hemingway's whole life, he seemed to be constantly depressed. His father was "a highly principled doctor", and both his parents were very "religious and strict" in his upbringing (Salter).He traveled to Europe and in 1918 where “Hemingway volunteered as a Red Cross ambulance driver to do service on the front lines of World war I” (Akers). When he assisted in the war in Italy, he had been severely injured aiding an injured man (Akers).According to Akers his experiences deeply impacted him and his work greatly. Another fact to keep in mind is his unsuccessful attempts at maintaining love, seen through his various marriages and divorces. “When he married Hadley Richardson in 1921 and the couple move...

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...unborn baby suffers due to its irresponsible parents. For two lives to feel as though they are able to be free and move on from one another, it appears that another life will have to end. It gives off this feeling of injustice.
As it can clearly be seen, Earnest Hemingway has reflected his life throughout his works. This outlet of expression has proven to be worth the time and effort he had put forward in crafting these stories. It is unfortunate that factors such as human suffering as well as intimate harm were present in Hemingway's life, but it is thanks to those themes that such great works came about. In the short stories "Indian Camp," "The Old Man at the Bridge," and "Hills Like White Elephants," Hemingway has proven that he was indeed the voice of his generation and has crafted a path for future authors and writers to write in a similar manner and style.
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