Equality for Women in Society

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Equality for Women in Society I am a woman and for being one, there is no white or black, there is no he or she, there are no cultures, no religions. I am a woman and for being one, everything is the same - everything is balanced. For being a woman, I believe in equality - in the right of any individual to be whatever he/she wants to be. Ang Pantasya ni Eba is a very interesting article; it entices you to venture out on uncharted seas, to flip the world upside down, to re-examine the structure of our societies and to question the very life we have established as proper. It made me see through the writer's eyes and perhaps her experience the kind of life women are bound to. In the early years, no woman was allowed to study. No woman was allowed to participate as a citizen. She had no right, no place in politics. She was believed to be weak - physically and mentally. She dependent on the man - for a woman cannot support herself. But - she goes around town wearing all the riches her husband bestowed upon her, but her mind is empty, her heart lost, the problem is she does not know it - and even if she does, such feeling of emptiness is not understood - she does not recognize it. Life for a woman is never easy. And men do not see this. They think women are sheltered from all the "terror" and "darkness in this world. They think women have not the slightest idea of sacrifice, of pain, of loss, of betrayal. But the truth is, women go through these everyday of their lives. When men go to war, women are left with a little chance of survival. The society does not accept them as workers, so undeniably they get no higher jobs than to serve as maids, or worst as prostitutes. They cannot simply give up - join the war -die, because they have to go on for their children. They know pain when their children are sold off to slavery. They know betrayal when their own families sell them off to marriages. They know loss when their own identities are forced to die in order to conform in the society. That is why I declare that I do like the article. It foretells a story of women as the head - the leaders, but it seems in this instance, there is no difference between having a man and/or a woman as the dictator.
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