Gender Equality: Men And Women's Equality, Inequalities, And Equality

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Gender equality means that both men and women should hold equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities. No society is sustainable unless it attains gender equality. Although many people believe both the genders are equal in every aspect of life, nevertheless, many still believe the exact opposite.
Despite the fact that, everyone is important, still as per the stats given by U.S. government, only 43 out of 148 countries gives equal rights to both men and women. Moreover, gender equality isn’t still achieved because of the fear of the women empowerment. Women empowerment does not means to overload women’s with some extra rights over men or make women dominate the world. It simply means giving women more hold on their personal choices and decision rather than taking permission from men. In sum, gain for women does not imply any losses for men. Men’s are more physically strong and women’s are more emotionally aware. But this is because of our biological origins. If given equal opportunities, who can say which one is better than the other?
In spite of knowing the facts of gender equality and its benefits, still in many cultures, girls at young age are taught to
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Its male dominating world, and equality can only be achieved if both the gender work together towards it. For examples, even if men’s want to be stay-at-home dads, they don’t get supporting network. They don’t know how to raise a child even if they desire due to society pressure. In sum, women and men has to work together and bring the equality 50/50 in every role and responsibility. There’s a very famous African proverb, if you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation). In other words, creating equal opportunities would help to reduce poverty, rise in economic growth, and control over violence and abuse
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