Environmental Issues In The Media Essay

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The technology of the 21st century has brought people of all colours, creeds, and nations to a point where, as long as you are not in China, you can have all the world’s information at your fingertips. The methods of delivering news from standing on a soapbox to a crowd of people, to the now user generated information that is made within mere seconds of an event. This information that now includes environmental issues have only really become prevalent in the media since the 1960s.

The media is viable source of getting information from generally unreachable sources or places. Environmental issues have surfaced in the media for many reasons – to inform, to create action, and to generate profit. Media is a creator and form of social construction as a particular person or a set of people with similar views and outlooks, to meet a certain standard and or bottom line, have investigated (to an extent), analyzed, edited, and structured in order to meet the purpose of the story. These structures mean that media has the ability to frame particular accounts in such a way as to get a specific desired result just as the “startling” image of the polar bear “stranded” on an ice cap is released to show the effects of global warming, even though land may not be too far away beyond the crops of the image and the fact that the polar bear is made to swim in the ice cold water. Stories are structured to fulfill the needs of the creator and through the use of varied social media many people can become a part of larger conversations.

There are many ways in which the media has influenced the general ideas of environmental issues as we have seen with the issues pertaining to the Rhino crisis. This is due to the life cycle of a particular environmental ...

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...a, as they are not the main focus of South African citizens today. The people of South Africa have been faced with many load shedding incidents at the moment on a wide spread level and therefore there is a more pressing issue to cover the stories to soothe the public. People are required to pay for their basic human right and this allows for many people within a country to fall ill from drinking “free” water that may not be sanitized or may be contaminated by nearby industries.

Through the research process I have found that there is a lack of media coverage on the issue of water pollution and contamination ad thus there is a lack of upheld human rights by the government and education across the country. The use of the media can be used for biased claims making and full filling a claims maker’s own agenda, but it can also be use for education and unity in knowledge.

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