Environmental Issues Essay

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Planet Earth is overrun by several environmental crises that require urgent attention. Environment issues are defined as harmful effects of human activity on the environment that strain livelihoods and deplete natural resources .The major current environmental problems affecting our planets are pollution of air, global warming, overpopulation, natural resource depletion, waste disposal, climate change issues, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, ocean acidification, ozone layer depletion, acid rain, This paper will address the environmental issues that affect business.
Environmental issues and their effect on global business Most environmental problems are exasperated by poor industrial practices. The most common environmental issues affecting business include water, industrial waste, and air emissions. Organizations are negatively affected by these environmental issues because government laws and regulation require
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A shortage of fresh water is one of the most pressing environmental problem.in the world. The shortage of this essential element will affect industries which accounts for 19% of water use in the world. Water is used to manufacture goods, waste disposal & for power generation. Currently as water source become depleted, water is becoming more expensive. An industry that uses more water will have to deal with costs associated with water conservation laws and dealing with the shortage of water. For example industries that will need water to cool power plant will need to dig deeper and piped greater distances, to pump the water they need to run their plants. In some instances if the water supply in an area a business is operating gets low, businesses in that area may be forced to relocate their operation to a location where water supply is still sufficient. Relocating a business will create additional cost for new equipment and facilities, and also hiring and training
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