Environmental Issue

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Environmental problem
A huge environmental issue that we have is in our oceans. We are not doing enough to help protect the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is a collection of 2,900 individual reefs. There is so much pollution that people has added that will cause damage to our waters. Like too much fishing, it is draining the life under the ocean. Another problem is so many tourists around beaches and oceans leads to more trash, and ships. And many years ago people hunted whales for their blubber. Also the coral is bleached.
We should have a limit to how many pounds of fish each person is allowed to have, and which type of fish is more widely available, which we now do have a website for that, it tells you which fish are more available. We also have an age limit and requirement, but then that still leaves all the people who don’t look at the website to fish and get as much as they want. We could end up wiping out an entire species, and other fish depend on food in the sea as well, so we could be destroying a lot more than one species. And it is obvious that a lot of people like to eat fish because it’s good for you and the more fish than the more money for the fisherman. But really, we are taking food out of bigger fish’s meal, so they are starving as well and slowly dying off; were taking too much too fast that they can’t repopulate quickly enough. Overfishing first started sometime in the 1800s when people used blubber for lamp oil; that eliminated a lot of whale population. Now they have a website from the geographic channel that tells you what fish you should and shouldn’t catch for their own population safety.
Trash is pollution the waters of our fish and marine life in Bonny Island in Africa. It’s a rund...

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..., other than the ones we are able to save. They take pictures of the accident and the current animals that are covered in oil, and then wash them and put them in a safer place.
Overall there are many problems in our oceans, and we have been the cause of it, we need to care and understand and gain the knowledge of our mammals and their needs as well, not just ours. These problems can’t disappear but they can be helped to become better not perfect but better. There are many things we can do to make a difference, even the little things help. If we don’t do anything, and depend on others to do everything when we could be contributing as well hardly anything will be changed, every person counts. Every person can contribute and make a difference. Even if we just watch what we buy and be more thoughtful of where were throw our garbage, that will make all the difference.
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