Environment And Environment

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Introduction To an ever-increasing extent, the environment is dominated by structures that constitute the visible cultural landscape of human life, which create a complex pattern of function and meaning, these pattern of the people’s view of the world, their attitudes, and sense of relationships with natural environment are closely interrelated. With the global warming crises causing an intense effect on Earth, there is a significant need for designer and architect to address the environmental concerns, so that not just the ecology but also the built environment has a better chance of coping with environmental change. Though environmental protection tends to puts restrictions on high-tech energy systems and recycled materials, it is the responsibility of the design community to practice design within the context of the natural environment The relationship between human beings and nature is very complex. This complex interaction between humans and environment is nicely seized by the observation of architect Lars Lerup, “We design things and things design us” (Krasner, 1980, p.8). However, the buildings placed on the environment now contributes to the threat survival of the planet. People and technology must respect and nurture the ecology, if the progress of the 20th century is to continue (Cowan, 1995). This concern for the global ecology was expressed by the United Nation’s Commission on Environment and Development when they stated, "humanity has the ability to make development sustainable - to ensure that it meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs"(United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, 1992). The responsibility of maintaining the balan... ... middle of paper ... ...environment in which the structure is based. A building's local ecology, or environment, is made up of particular physical and biological elements and their interactions. (Wikipedia August 21, 2007) The physical element being the geology and climate consisting of soil type, water, site and its surrounding while the biological or living elements are the species around the ecosystem which includes human and other living organism and their reactions to the site. The perception of ecological building is slightly different from green building or sustainable architecture where the goal is to "minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings"(Wikipedia August 21, 2007). However in ecological building, the designer makes considerations that humans can play an important, beneficial role in improving and sustaining the health and vitality of their natural environment.
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