Entrepreuner - born or made?

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The term ‘profit’ that Hussain earned when he changed from one to another business is the result of success as he willing to take chances and risks. He started from zero and his innovative minds be the ladder of success to him. He had faced a lot of challenge that make him became a successful entrepreneur nowadays. We can see the ‘profit’ that Hussain gained from his small business as chocolate’s hawker to become an entrepreneur is started with his first petty step. He started the business with selling chocolate at the market for the beginning of his business is because he wants to help his family.

As the bread earner replaced his illness father, he must search income to support basic needs of the family. He is lucky because although Oman’s economy grow at the lower level those day, his small business still growing faster. But, due to the rising price index, he had difficulty to make ends meet. This difficulty had bring him to another business which gave him more profit than the profit of chocolate sale. He started selling book in the market. He realized that the percentage profit he gained by selling a book is very high than selling chocolate. From there, he decided to use this good opportunity to change his business from a chocolate hawker to become a bookseller. From this changes, we can see the ‘profit’ that he had gained by changing the product. But, he has difficulty to bring many book every day and return with them the next day. This situation leads him to find an alternative to solve this problem. He make a decision to convert his late father’s steel workshop where are had rented to become a bookshop. So, Hussain managed to open the first bookshop in the village. He was the sole book seller at his village and this situati...

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...is business to his son due to his busy schedules, his son, whom though had a degree in Business Administration, had no experience in handling a business, caused the business to fall into a worse state. As Hussain was informed about this matter, he positively reacted to this matter by reflecting on his past successful history to find a way to solve the problem as well as identifying the problems in the marketing department in his company. Here, we can say that Hussain used the ‘profit’ he obtained from his experiences in dealing with business to solve the problem faced by his son.

Hussain soon became very successful and a well-known person worldwide. All the ‘profits’ that he had obtained in his past experiences in business dealing, regardless of whether it was good or bad, had helped Hussain to work his way up in the business world and to become who he is today.

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