Entrepreneur Characteristics

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In the thirteenth-century, entreprendre, a French verb was originated to mean “to do something” or “to undertake.” By the sixteenth century the word, entrepreneur was formed. Entrepreneur was a word created to refer to someone who undertakes a business venture. An entrepreneur can be described as someone that takes risks in developing, managing and organizing a business or enterprise. Every entrepreneur weighs the risks involved against potential profit to be gained. When they think the gain outweighs the risk they take every opportunity to execute their idea. Entrepreneurship is a process that develops new ways of combining resources. When a new combination of resources is generated above market value the entrepreneur makes a profit. Many…show more content…
They may not all be born with these traits, but they all acquire to have them in order to be successful. Traits such as passion, resilience, strong sense of oneself, flexibility, and vision. Foremost a successful entrepreneur must have passion. Without passion they are likely to fail. Many successful entrepreneurs work a tremendous amount of hours and are not driven by the money, but they are driven to either solve a problem or make it easier. Their passion is what motivates them no matter how bad it gets because they are on a mission for the greater good. Resilience is another trait entrepreneurs must possess. As an entrepreneur you are going to fail at something, but it’s the fact that entrepreneurs can pick themselves back up and learn from their mistakes or from others. Some of the most famous entrepreneurs experienced setbacks during some point like Walt Disney, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Henry Ford and even Thomas Edison. But instead of giving up these successful entrepreneurs and many alike dusted themselves off and asked questions, “What went wrong?” “How can I fix them?” “How can I succeed next time?” An entrepreneur will pick themselves up every time and not give up. They are resilient and thrive off their mistakes. Being passionate and resilient can only get an entrepreneur so far, they must also be self-confident and self-motivated. Entrepreneurs don’t think they have a good idea,…show more content…
In the Florida Statutes Article 187.201 State Comprehensive Plan adopted.-The legislature hereby adopts as the State Comprehensive Plan the following specific goals and policies: Number Twenty-one the economy’s goal is to promote an economic climate which provides economic stability, maximizes job opportunities, and increases per capita income for its residents. Florida’s policy is to promote entrepreneurship and small business startup by providing technical and informational resources as well as facilitating capital formation, and removing regulatory restraints which are unnecessary for the protection of consumers and society. Laymen terms Florida gives entrepreneurs the resources necessary to start a business by giving entrepreneurs information and resources online and at government owned establishments, the government gives grants to businesses to help them startup, any restraints that would make it difficult for entrepreneurs to startup they would remove those restraints to better help the business and not make difficult obstacle that would otherwise deter entrepreneurs from forming a business. About a year ago Governor Rick Scott signed a law allowing benefit corporations, for profit ventures that are created to not only help owners of the company, but also help employees, the community and our environment. More than nine hundred companies nationwide are legally constituted as a benefit corporation. This law is
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