Enigmatic Code In Horror Movies

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In most countries, horror movies are beloved and popular genre for certain group of people who are eager to have different types of feeling and emotion. It usually delivers wired, freaky, uncanny, fearful and uncomfortable feeling to its audiences. There have been thousands ways of expressing fearful emotion to the horror film lovers, however, most horror film have something in common that provokes fearful emotion by using particular context, such as gender discrimination and trauma of wars. Without understanding such a context, foreign horror films are understandable to other nations audiences, which means that the process of feeling threatened and fearful does not need to rely heavily on certain cultural or historical information. In this…show more content…
Lesage, 1977). Not only semic code, but also other codes, mentioned by R. Barthes, is repeatedly used with in horror film context. Especially, enigmatic code and symbolic code play a decisive role in horror movies in order to elevate the level of fear and curiosities. As can be seen in the movie the Bhoost, unknown sound of crying and mumble form the beginning would be an example of enigmatic code. With the argument of R. Barthes, despite watching the movie without any preceding explanation, audience might predict that there must be unusual scene and narrative by hearing the sound and watching enigmatic scenes. And also, as the symbol of evil spirit or ghost, doll is depicted on the movie in an attempt to intensify tension and lead to the narrative. To explain more about symbolic code, it has two distinctive functions on horror film. First, it symbolized the evil spirits and supernatural powers. Second, it would provide unclear, blurred and suspicious information by making audiences more concentrate on narratives. With the elements stated above, expressionism, enigmatic, semic and symbolic codes are the characteristic features compared to other…show more content…
Typically, ghost or supernatural phenomenon was the main theme of the horror film. These supernatural characters have something in common, that they are mostly the spirit of discriminated and lower class females. At the end of movie, the main reason why these ghost show up or possess someone’s bodies was revealed, since main character; usually males, identify the offender who killed the spirits. Finally, the evil disappears and every social order operates as usual. To investigate the prevalence of female monsters in horror movies, it would be explained by borrowing the idea of ‘repression model’ stated by Robin Wood. With his colleague, he strived to explain that societies, which have surplus repression, are likely to use horror or joke as social
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