English as a Second Language

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English as a Second Language

The field of work I have chosen requires allot of talking this is because I am going to be an ESL ( English as a Second Language) instructor. I believe that by me going into that field I will help give students a chance to expand their learning skills and help them get through the rest of their life with a good standing of themselves. Many schools are in great need of people in the field of this type of education. They are faced with a language challenge because most of the students who are from foreign countries do not speak English at all. There are many ways schools and teachers are helping students learn English. One way is by making a separate type of school that teaches students English. The other way is by having students make portfolios of their progress in learning the language.

Many schools are now faced with a language challenge, because many students do not speak any English at all. The number of students who speak little or no English has more then tripled in the past ten years to about 27,000 roughly the size of the one of the states largest school districts(Smith,1). This is the reason why schools are now hiring more ESL teachers then before. There is a great demand for them. The students in the ESL classes are as different as the languages they speak(Smith,2). Although many of the students might be well educated they still face the challenge of learning English. While of the schools by law are required to teach English to students who are foreign how schools do it will vary widely.

One of the ways one school is teaching foreign language to students is by making a separate school for it. This school is for the student who already knows English but wishes to learn Spanish. This is pretty much the same as taking an ESL class only now students call it Spanish as a Second Language. ISA, (International School of Americas) in Robert E. Lee High School in San Antonio, TX. is doing just that. The school district located 150 miles from the Mexican border wanted it's students to be able, as adults to participate in commerce between Mexico and the United States(Baird and Kuravackal,1). One of the first requirements of the program is that the students must take four years of Spanish.

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