Case Study: English Language Learners

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There are a lot of students being placed whose primary language is not English. Students walk into a mainstream classroom not being able to speak English. Students in this situation are call English Language Learners(ELLs). These students are not receiving appropriate language support to succeed in their language development which is causing them to not have the ability to acquire language. When reading the scenario that was asked for this assignment, I noticed that the teacher didn 't use a lot of strategies to help the ELL students develop language development. But the strategies he did use I thought were a great start. He was trying to lower the effective filter by attempting to give the students positive gestures and smiles to help…show more content…
Teachers can do this by providing comprehensible input, stay positive and compliment the students to help with their confidence, this will help lower the affective filter. In this scenario Mr. O 'Molley did do this by assuring Maria with positive gestures and smiles. But other then that he didn 't do much more. Mikhail has various levels of language acquisition. She seems to have a higher speaking level, which can help him to communicate well with others in the class. Students have a lot of language acquisition levels but are overall level in which can be misleading to teachers and causing damage to the student 's language development. Mr. O 'Molley should assess both ELL students to help him understand their current language acquisition level. A high-quality academic standard that is being used is Common Core Standards. ELL students are required to be assessed which allows the students to show their knowledge. Assessments allow student 's to show their knowledge in many language domain areas on assessments no matter their level in language proficiency. Assessments will show the teacher where the student is on their language level and comprehension. This will help teachers differentiate lessons for the students so they can succeed and get better in the
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