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Their has been several additions and changes to English throughout the years. Today students are taught English through literature from some of the greatest authors of all time. When a student reaches the twelfth grade they start to learn the history of the language in British Literature. Works like Beowulf and Canterbury Tales represent two eras and two stages of English, old and middle. Historic landmarks play a part in an author's writing. Monarchs control the authors environment. The study of British literature and its authors is a lasting endeavor bound to the timeline of the British kingdom and its people. Some the major works in British Literature are well known for how well they are written and others are loved for their story and age. Beowulf is a superior example of a significant story and an old story from the Anglo-Saxon era. The poem is an epic poem and Beowulf is an epic hero. He fights several monsters that lead to his noble death. There are some themes in Beowulf that are important to discuss when learning about Anglo-Saxons. One of themes is Christianity versus Paganism. The Christian and pagan references change the poem. Without the references the poem would have been forgotten, because it would have never been as popular. Another example of British Literature is the Canterbury Tales it was written by Chaucer. Chaucer wrote …show more content…

Wars are one of the most popular topics. Wars are a permanent stain on any civilization. The Spanish Armada is an event where the Spanish took on the British with larger numbers and they lost, thus stirring up British confidence. Another example is the Battle of Hastings. It started with Edward the Confessor promising William the throne. On Edward's deathbed he gave the throne to Henry Godwine. William was upset so he took an army into London and took it over, thus becoming king by force. This event changed the language to middle

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