Endocrine System Essay

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1. The general function of the endocrine system is gland based to produce hormones that help with metabolism, growth, tissues, and reproduction. The structure between the nervous system and endocrine system are very similar the basics of both systems involve triggering glands throughout the body from receptors. The function on the other hand is a little different because the nervous system makes a fast response through specific glands and muscles. While the endocrine system is more widespread it also works at a slower pace.

2. A tropic hormone are hormones that target other glands and are mostly secreted in the anterior pituitary. One example of a tropic hormone involves the Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) stimulates the thyroid …show more content…

The difference between humoral, hormonal, and neural stimuli in terms of releasing hormones is humoral stimulus happens when a hormone is released due to a change in the blood. For example, when your blood glucose rises that causes your body to trigger the release of insulin causing your glucose levels to go back down which cuts off the insulin. A hormonal stimulus happens in response to another hormone. An example of this is when the hypothalamus produces hormones in the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland then releases hormones that regulate the hormone production by other endocrine glands. Neural stimulus occurs when the nervous system stimulates endocrine glands to release hormones. The sympathetic nervous system stimulates the medulla to release certain hormones like epinephrine and …show more content…

Organ systems like the integumentary, skeletal, nervous, and endocrine all play a big role in helping the body maintain homeostasis. The integumentary system helps maintain by giving protection, regulating body temperature, and sensory receptors. All of this plays a big role maintaining the internal conditions so the body may function. The skeletal system helps by producing red blood cells in place of the old ones that die. It also helps to maintain the calcium levels in our blood stream. The nervous system maintains homeostasis by controlling and regulating other parts of the body like letting you know when you’re tired or when you’re hungry. It makes sure the body is acting how it should by using receptors. The endocrine system releases hormones that are sent to different parts of the body that control the body’s reaction to things like stress, pain, and growth. These hormones give directions to the body for the fight or flight response so that it can adjust and maintain

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