End Of Life Care Case Study

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Joseph is a African American 80 year old single man who has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Joseph resided with his nephew Christopher, and Christopher is the family liaison for his uncle. Joseph is currently in the hospital fighting to live and currently using medical oxygen to breathe. Joseph recently stated to Christopher that if he stop breathing, then do not resituate him, and he is tired of suffering and ready to be with the Lord. Joseph also stated to the nurses and physician that he is refusing life sustaining treatment and already sign the document stating that he refuse. Definition of The Problem Identification of the Problem Christopher has not accept his uncle’s medical condition and does not want his uncle to die. Christopher…show more content…
Based on this case, this elements of this goal was used in this case. In this case, Joseph decide to make a decision to provide relief by not no longer accepting medical treatment anymore. He was tired of suffering, and wanted to be relieve from suffering. Based on his decision –making, he rather end his life than to suffer. After a review of this case, this hospital staff comply with Joseph decision and will no longer give medical treatment if he stops…show more content…
Autonomy will help Joseph to determine his own decision making and actions toward his healthcare plan. Joseph understand the decisions and consequences of his own action. Joseph understands that it is time to enter into eternity life and meet God. Joseph understands that if he refuse life sustaining treatment, that he will died instantly. Joseph also believes that when he dies, that it will be no longer suffering and he can enter into eternity life. Moral Principles According to the article, Congress on Life-Sustaining Treatment, “the moral principle is well known, according to which even the simple doubt of being in the presence of a living person already imposes the obligation of full respect and of abstaining from any act that aims at anticipating the person 's death” (Paul, J. 2015). In this case, his nephew Christopher does not imposes the obligation and fully respecting Joseph’s decision in ending his life. Christopher wants his uncle to live as long as possible. Decisions Regarding Ethnical

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