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Employment Law There are several situations that had taken place with this individual sales manager. The events that will be discussed are from two female employees that encountered sexual harassment from this individual. The sexual harassment laws that protect the two female, what actions the company should have taken and how the situation should have been handled if it involved a union and so on. On several occasions the new sales manger would walk into the author’s cubicle and start rubbing the author’s shoulders and arms. This action was not acceptable and the author kindly asked him to stop. The manager continued to perform these actions whenever he was speaking to the author. The author after not getting anywhere with the manager had a discussion with her immediate supervisor. The supervisor advised he would talk to the sales manager. The supervisor advised the author that he has said something to him before because he does it to him as well. The author advised that if it continued she was going to speak to their vice president. It did get better for a while and then it began again. The author was fed up and was not comfortable with being touched. The author spoke to the VP and the VP advised she would speak to him and take care of it. The VP advised that it really wasn’t that big of a deal because it was his culture, that they are touchy feely kind of people. The author advised she was sorry but she was uncomfortable with it. Again, nothing took place and the manager did it again. The author filed a complaint with human resources. During this ordeal, the manager started touching another female in the department and she was very vocal with him and advised him not to do touch her. A couple of days later she was having a meeting with this manager in his cubicle, they were sitting next to each other and the manager started rubbing on her leg. She jumped up yelled at him to not touch her; she left his cubicle and went directly to human resources. There are federal laws that protect everyone from sexual harassment in the workplace. Here is a description of such law “The federal law prohibiting sexual harassment in the workplace is Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, as amended.

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