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  • The Ordeal of Colonial Virginia

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    American Slavery, American Freedom: The Ordeal of Colonial Virginia Edmund Morgan begins American Slavery, American Freedom the Ordeal of Colonial Virginia with a paradox. He presents his readers with the passionate rhetoric of men like Thomas Jefferson: belief in liberty and abhorrance for slavery and reminds us that he, and others like him, were slaveholders. Morgan asserts that the rise in such beliefs accompanied and in fact were dependent upon slavery. He claims that this contradiction

  • Ordeal by Cheque: The life of Jr

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    TLC Checkbook Final Draft Ordeal by Cheque: The life of Jr Tony turned the corner at a dangerous speed, trying to go even faster, but the sirens behind him did not get any softer. This was all the kid’s fault. That stupid kid. Tony sped up, dodging traffic as he had so many times before, except this time it was different. The kid. Tony thought back, remembering everything he could, all the way to the very beginning. Lawrence Exeter Junior had been born in the heat of the day on September

  • Robert Bells 10 Ordeals of a Takeover

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    10 Ordeals of a Takeover Companies often face the possibility of being taken over. During the take over many events within the each of the companies will arise. Some examples would be, employees would fear the loss of their job because the other company might not have any use for your position; rumors will start spreading about the merger or takeover that may have been started by individuals who “leaked” the news; many other events will also arise. In the book Surviving the 10 ordeals of

  • The Orca Ordeal

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    The latest animal rights issue to hit the public is a whale of a controversy. For decades, the public has enjoyed visiting SeaWorld and taking in mesmerizing displays of aquatic performance by orcas, the largest species of dolphins, and their trainers. Recent events have stirred up a media uproar over the safety of these creatures and their trainers. Much of what the public knows about the maltreatment of these creatures comes from a documentary released in 2013 called “Blackfish”. The breeding and

  • The Light In The Forest

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    The Light In The Forest Conrad Richter's book, The Light In The Forest, is about a boy from Pennsylvania who was adopted into an Indian family. After a long period of time, True Son had to go back to his white family. The ordeal in the story is that he wanted to go back to the Indians and not stay in the white village. When he came back, he made a big mistake and got kicked out of the Indian village. In my opinion, Cuyloga made the most difficult decision in the novel when he decided to send True

  • Annexation Of The Phillippines

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    In my opinion The United States ordeal with Annexing the Philippines and the idea that we had of going into war with them was great mistake and should have been avoided. The Filipinos and Americans were deadlocked in war with each other. This all became a controversy with the two nations in 1898 when the Treaty of Paris between Spain and the United Stated ceded all seven thousand islands of the Philippine archipelago to the United States, for just a mere twenty-million dollars. Congress had approved

  • Old Time Television

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    late. Mom, well, poor Mom seemed obliged to remain perfectly coifed and dressed regardless of task. Dusting, vacuuming, cooking. No matter. She always had a dress and her heels on. What they never showed was Mom ironing which must have been a daily ordeal to keep all those nice outfits pressed. A life crisis consisted of a lost report card or failure to eat your vegetables. Still, we watched. Amused by the comings and goings of the Cleaver family and I suspect, wishing our own families could be as

  • I Accidentally Dropped the Air Conditioner Unit on the Roof of My Dad's Car

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    Unfortunately this did not bring the closure I had expected. My father, angered that I had left this task to the final days of fall (still within the required timeline in my mind) insisted the job be done immediately. Like now. This made the whole ordeal more aggravating to me. Not only was I to suffer abuse at the hands of this air conditioner but I would miss the end of my show too. I climbed upstairs, seething with a rage mixed with adolescent hormones and self pity. I reached my bedroom

  • Mom

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    me no hint as to what my mother was like, perhaps because of his inclination to leave the past in the past. As for my brother, I can only imagine the impact that her death had on him. He was only four years old when he witnessed the whole gruesome ordeal, and I often feel that it is not my place to inquire about her, stirring up feelings he has deliberately suppressed for so many years. Although it can be argued that I have two mothers with twice the love and twice the caring, I sometimes feel that

  • The Pros and Cons of Affirmative Action

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    Many problems arose from this lawsuit. A college that is as well known as Michigan, to have such problems as alleged preference to minorities, opened the eyes of many administrative officers at other colleges. The problems that surfaced from that ordeal were clearly brought to the public’s attention. The problems exhibited in Michigan were based on the university’s point admission process. This was a major problem. By awarding points to students, based solely on being a minority, living in the