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Are you baffled why no one has invited you for an interview? Are you convinced that if you could just get your foot in the door, employers would like you and see what a wonderful candidate you truly are? If so, you may need to step back and re-evaluate what you are doing and why it is not working. Often, the reasons you are not being contacted is because either your cover letter is not compelling or because you are applying for a position that is not appropriate for you.

You should always treat your cover letter as if it is your "first interview". In other words, you should attempt to do in writing what you believe you can do in person during an interview. Do you have a great personality that you desperately want the potential employer to …show more content…

If the job requires something that you lack, do not apply. While you may feel like job searching is a "numbers game", that is, that the more jobs you apply for the better your chances, the opposite is true. An employer may require a specific skill because it is either critical to the position or because they do not have the personnel, time, or desire to teach that skill. Applying for a job for which you are not qualified is not only a waste of your time and the potential employer's time, but it will add to your sense of despair when you don't receive a reply. You may think you are clever by writing "I'm a quick learner" when you lack the required skills, but it will not help you in the current job market. In a job market where jobs are plentiful, employers may be unable to attract candidates with all of the specific skills they require. In that case they may interview people who lack the specific skills they desire - but that is unlikely when unemployment is …show more content…

Such proclamations sound immature and unprofessional. Stick to the skills you possess and how you utilized them in previous employment settings.

7) Address the cover letter to the person who will be reading it. If the posting does not specify that person, call or email the company and ask. This personal touch means a lot. If you are applying to a small company and write "Dear Personnel Manager", it shows that you don't even realize that the company is so small that it likely does not have a personnel manager and/or department. Every detail matters and will not go unnoticed.

8) Proof read your cover letter and make certain it is perfect in terms of spelling and grammar. The paragraphs should flow nicely from beginning to end. If writing is not your strength, have someone help you. Your cover letter is a reflection of you, and a well-written, concise cover letter shows that you are professional, pay attention to detail, and have strong writing skills. All of these attributes are important to

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