Employee Satisfaction And Job Satisfaction

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In today’s business world, the functionality of its employees is more crucial than ever. The quickly growing technological field has greatly assisted managers in being more productive as well as doing certain tasks that previous individuals would do. This amazing growth in the technological field has prompted individuals to strive for better in order to not be replaced by a piece of technology. Why would you pay someone a hourly rate while you can purchase a one time piece of machinery to do the task. This begs the question for managers, around the world, of what is best for the company in being most efficient. However, that also prompts us to understand the employees, that are not replaceable, and what can keep them happy. A crucial part of management is employee happiness and retention. An employee can be a heavy…show more content…
The high rate of job applications causes many to feel less inclined to worry about current employees and overall job satisfaction. As stated by Locke (1969) “Job satisfaction is the pleasurable emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one 's job as achieving or facilitating the achievement of one 's job values.” Locke brings a strong point as through the emotional status of employees contributes highly to their involvement in their career. If employees do not feel valued they are more likely to be less satisfied or wanted. However, there are ways to make sure that the correct rewards are being expressed. Locke discusses these three elements that are needed for the appraisal process: perception of some aspect of the job, a implicit or explicit value standard, and a conscious or subconscious judgment of the relationship between one’s perception and one’s values. This shows a great deal to managers and how to approach their employee views. Many managers may go into considering pay as being only justification towards happy employees however Locke presents
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