Emotional Abuse Essay

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Every year, there are close to a million incidents of psychological child abuse (As quoted by Mufson, page 4). Psychological abuse is an attack on one’s self-esteem and self-confidence which in turn damages their emotional and mental stability. Emotional abuse severely affects children in many different aspects of their lives. The two types of emotional abuse, can be present on their own or both together. When a parent psychologically abuses their child they never actually become satisfied with the child’s actions.
Emotional and mental abuse has a tremendous affect on the brain. A definition of emotional abuse explains how the emotions and feelings of the child are being attacked. Some things the attacker might say can include calling the
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Passive abuse includes things such as: not giving the child the love that they need, no praises or encouragements, expecting tasks from the child that they aren’t emotionally ready for, failure to see the child’s individuality, and not encouraging them to make friends. (Emotional Abuse) Active abuse includes other forms of abuse such as: refusing to accept a child as him or herself, causing children to be extremely afraid, isolating the child, finding no worth in the child’s being, and corrupting children into thinking they are less pure or valuable. (Emotional Abuse) Some cases of emotional abuse can include some forms of both active and passive abuse while some other parents have a theme of being more one than the other. Neither one is more harsh than the other and both are very threatening to the child. Children don’t know how to act when they are being mistreated by their authority. It can confuse the child when the person that is supposed to care for them and love them says just the opposite. The more negative comments the child hears, the more they believe them to be true and the more the child is damaged. Some parents may display more acts leaning towards active emotional abuse and some may lean more towards passive but none of the parents fully understand what affect they are really having on their…show more content…
When someone confronts an abusive parents they may deny that their actions can be hurtful. The parents that think they are helping their kids by being tough on them may deny the child 's hurt feelings. This makes it very hard for the child to come out and tell someone, especially the parent, that their feelings are being hurt. This is why emotional abuse is hard to come by, children may in fact lie or over exaggerate making it incredibly difficult to know if the parent is indeed in denial. The real cases of abuse when the child is not lying or over exaggerating the parents actions of words, can be so threatening. The parents have the authority over the children that in a serious situation, other adults tend to take the parents word for it. Some kids can go years being emotionally abused and no one would find out, either because they are too afraid to tell or because they’ve come to the conclusion that the abuse is acceptable or normal. Most emotionally abusive parents don’t have enough emotional stability on their own to take responsibility for their
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