Emily Dickinson Influences

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On December 10, 1830, in a town called Amherst, Massachusetts, Emily Dickinson was born ( Family and friends would come to know her as a loving individual, but to the rest of the world she would become one of the best known poets from the 19th century. Writing over 1,800 poems in all; however, few have been published. Many of her poems are used today to connect with everyday life. Taking a look at her family life will help you understand how she was able to write so many poems and also some of the major influences in life (“Emily Dickinson”).
Like any other child, Emily lived with her mother and father. Her father’s name was Edward Dickinson; he was a lawyer when she was born but then became deeply involved in politics. Her mother, Emily Dickinson, was like any mother in the 1800’s. She tended to the men, cooked and cleaned, and watched over the children. Emily also had an older brother, William Austin Dickinson, and younger sister, Lavinia Norcross Dickinson. Growing up and as adults the family managed to stay very close to each other, so close that the oldest built a ho...