Emily Dickinson Influences

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Emily Dickinson was a different type of poet that has people thinking of things people would never think about in another author’s work. Dickinson was born and raised with the rich life with only two siblings. Her work was inspired by her much of her childhood and the people she interacted with. An example of Dickinson’s different type of style is, “ So I conclude that space and time are things of the body and have little or nothing to do with ourselves. My Country is Truth,”(Berry) Emily Dickinson did not share hardly any of her writing when she was alive. According to Berry,” With the exception of six poems that appeared in newspapers at various times, and another that appeared in a collection of stories and poems in 1878, Emily Dickinson never published her work,” (Berry) Even though Dickinson wrote differently, does not mean she had a different lifestyle compared to most people today. Dickinson was an outstanding American poet where her childhood, family and friends, religion, and education inspired most of her poetry.
Emily Dickinson lived the rich life life in American society. Dickinson was born on December 10,1830. She was born to Edward and Emily Norcross Dickinson. She was the middle child with an older brother and a younger sister. She was born and raised in Amherst, Massachusetts. “Dickinson came from a family that encouraged learning,”(Dickinson) She had very few friends because she came across being proper, shy, and meek. Although Dickinson was not very social, she still had a different way of thinking which made her the writer that she was.
Emily Dickinson had many different relationships with her family. Dickinson had a mother who she thought differently about than most girls think of their mothers. ...

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... her later years. One factor of not talking to many people is because she had many people die that she was close to. When Dickinson collapsed from nervousness she said, “The doctors call it “Revenge of the Nerves”, but who but death had wronged them,” (Dickinson) Dickinson was also called the riddle of Amherst because while laying on her deathbed, she wrote an entry in her diary that Berry stated. It read, “She ceased to breathe that terrible breathing just before the whistles sounded for six.” Dickinson lost conscience at age 55 May 13,1886 and the riddle of Amherst was dead. Dickinson was a very ambitious author. She made a new meaning to poetry. She inspired many of the poets today and will continue to do so in the future. Dickinson was an outstanding American poet where her childhood, friends and family, religion, and education inspired most of her poetry.
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