Emily Dickinson

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Emily Dickinson

Emily Elizabeth Dickinson was an American poet of the nineteenth century. She was one of the greatest masters of the short lyric poem. Not much is known about her life, but what is known is unusual and interesting.

Emily Dickinson was born in Amherst, Massachusetts on December tenth, eighteen hundred thirty, to a prominent family. [ 9.

reagan/*censored*inson.html ] She was the second child of three children. Her grandfather, Samuel Dickinson, was one of the founders of the Amherst College. Edward Dickinson, her father, held several political positions. He was on the General Court of Massachusetts, Massachusetts State Senate, and United States House Representatives. Edward was also a lawyer and the treasurer for the college. [ 9.*censored*inso n.html ] Emily's mother, Emily Dickinson, was a simple woman. She was dedicated to her home and family. Emily's mother suffered a long term of illness so she took care of her. Dickinson had an older brother, Austin, who also served as the treasurer for the college and other civic positions. Austin married Emily's best friend, Susan Gilbert. Lavinia was Emily's younger sister. She didn't marry anyone so she stayed in the family house. The three siblings shared a very close relationship. Their parents didn't have a close relationship with them, but they did love and care for them. Emily's parents made sure she had a good education. She went to a primary school for four years then she attended Amherst Academy from eighteen hundred forty through eighteen hundred forty-seven. After that she went to Mary Lyon's Female Seminary ( Mount Holyoke Female Seminary ) for only a year. [ 7. knbio.htm ] The seminary insisted on religious as well as intellectual growth. Emily didn't like the religious environment and was under considerable pressure to become a professing Christian. [ 4. wysiwyg://5/,5716,30830+ 1,00.html ]

When it came to religion, Emily was a skeptic. She returned home so she wouldn't have to face the religious environment, and her parents asked her to come home. [ 10.*censored*in.html ]

Emily began to write poems at an early age. She had several inspirations in her poem writing. Emily Bronte was a poet, and after her brother's death she stayed home until her death. Bronte's book became a big success after her death.