Emergency Care Nurse: A Career As A Nurse Practitioner

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As an Emergency care nurse I have the fortunate opportunity to care for patient with mental health disorders. As a Mental Health nurse I regularly care for patients with acute exacerbations due to chronic health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. The mind body paradigm has always intrigued me and I find that treating the whole person has become paramount. Patient assessment, education, evaluations, crisis intervention and chronic disease management has helped me to remain results focused in my plan of care. During my time as a crisis interventionist for the suicide hotline I learned how to get patients to open up and trust me so that I could explore the best solution to fit their particular life circumstances. Mental Health has been…show more content…
As a Nurse Practitioner I will be positioned to improve the quality, access and value of health care. The lifespan focus will equip me to reach a more diverse population and underserved groups as the insured and aging population increases. The life span focus also addresses our need for long-term mental health care which has become a necessity. As a Nurse Practitioner I will be positioned to be one the nation’s answers to these encroaching healthcare issues. More diverse populations have begun to have unprecedented access to health care. Serving as a Nurse Practitioner will allow for a transformative and proactive way to address the health care needs of tomorrow. I respect the tremendous amount of accountability and responsibility that accompanies prescriptive authority. I am confident that The University of Tennessee Health Science Center will prepare me to safely and effectively execute patient focused care in our…show more content…
I plan to serve a more diverse patient population working in an interdisciplinary capacity with physicians as a partners in care. Not only ordering, performing and analyzing the results of diagnostic tests; but interpreting patient histories, symptoms, physical findings. The diagnostic information will be used to formulate accurate diagnoses and treatment plans that are patient specific. I look forward to creating behavior modification recommendations to prevent and mitigate adverse health effects. I’m excited about finding unique ways to educate patients in the management of acute and chronic illnesses which will allow me to use my creative abilities. Serving as a Nurse Practitioner not only means my scope of practice will change but that I will have a huge impact on reducing hours of resident physicians. Becoming a PMHNP grew from a desire to improve patient safety, to provide greater access to specialty care and quality of life. Becoming a Nurse Practioner simply creates a win-win for our patients! Practicing at the advance level will require more critical thinking, more compassion, and more respect for the human body and its limitations. Such scope changes will serve to challenge and delight me. Being a Nurse practitioner will help me to draw on not only my skill in detecting and responding to adverse drug
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