The Importance Of Being A Nurse Practitioner

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“The traditional professing of duty states an intention to serve the community rather than merely to seek income.” (Macionis, Page 384) Being a Nurse Practitioner takes more than just wanting to earn a pay check. It takes compassion, knowledge, and the want to help others. You can change lives on a daily bases. It’s a great responsibility that should be taken head on. It all started when Nurse Practitioners become in demand in the 1960s due to the increasing need for nurses. The first program to become an NP started at the University of Colorado by Dr. Henry Silver and Dr. Loretta Ford. (Historical) By the 1970s the programs increased to about 65 nationwide. The numbers of programs has helped increased the numbers of NPs to 195,000 in the U.S. as of 2014. (Historical) Being a Nurse Practitioner is truly a profession. One way that makes being a Nurse Practitioner a profession is how they approach problems. A person is taught to become a reflective learner. Once a nurse starts becoming a Nurse Practitioner they have to change the way they…show more content…
The way you have to learn how to think in a different way. You have to bring all your knowledge and apply it to different situations to have better outcomes and make better plans. It is a constant change and you’re consistently learning new things. A person can choose to effect the community in a small way working with individuals. They can also choose to effect the community in a bigger way with the political side of nursing. They can influence new policies and make their community better. Nurse practitioners are able to have more time with patients and help meet their needs. They are able to teach patients about other issues that they have and come up with a plan to help improve them along with the main medical need. I want to take on patient care in an individual setting. To be able to be a support system and help them in the right direction that will benefit them in a positive

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