Elizabeth Cady Argumentative Essay On Women's Rights

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The origins of Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s undying fervor for women’s rights derived from her early childhood. Stanton was born into a wealthy family, as her mother’s father had been colonel of the Continental Army and her father held an office in the New York State Assembly, and served as a judge on the New York Supreme Court. Despite her wealthy upbringing, her childhood was surrounded by the cult of domesticity and the belief on how women were of less value than men. Following her older brother’s death, she desired to fill in his void by taking up “masculine” hobbies: learning Greek, horseback riding, chess, and attending Johnstown Academy. Unfortunately, her father failed to acknowledge her achievements and acted indifferent toward them. As…show more content…
Although her early days as a housewife were fulfilling, the work become depressing and she took pity on women in the area who were abused, beaten, and treated like slaves. Suddenly, she received an invitation, along with other women’s rights activists, from Lucretia Mott to meet in Waterloo to discuss a pivotal point on Stanton’s career--the Seneca Falls Convention, After a two-day planning meeting, the fifty women planned the Seneca Falls Convention to be five days after. From July 19-20, 1848, over 300 people attended, including Sojourner Truth, 40 men and Frederick Douglass, Quakers from nearby cities, and the Society of Friends. These people signed the Declaration of Sentiments, written by Elizabeth Stanton and modeled after the Declaration of Independence, which addressed women’s inability to vote, the denial to own property, unequal rights in divorce and marriage, equal opportunity to education, and their status under men. Moreover, those who signed declared how they’re advocating for women’s suffrage and a reform of property and marital laws in the United States. Its success led to a second convention in Rochester and more women having conventions throughout the United States between
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