Seneca Falls And The Origins Of The Women 's Right Movement

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1. The chosen book titled “Seneca Falls and the Origins of the Women 's Right Movement” is written by Sally McMillen in 2008. It is a primary source, as long as its author for the first time opens the secrets of the revolutionary movement, which started in 1848 from the convention held by Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Stanton. It is not a secondary source, as long as information from the book appears for the first time. Stanton did not reveal much in her memoirs, so the author had to work hard to bring this information on the surface. The convention changed the course of history by starting protecting women’s rights and enhancing overall gender equality. The book is a reflection of women’s activity in the name of their freedom and rights equality during fifty years. The book is significant both to the present and to the past time, as long as there are many issues in the society related to the women’s rights, and to the time studied in the class. 2. The leading topic of the book is the history of the convention, which took place in 1848 and its further impact. First, the author starts from an introductory chapter, which describes in details the sufferings of women of that time. It is the first example supporting the diversity of topics touched by the author. For example, the McMillen mentions that the majority of women did not have any right to vote, receive the same amount of payment for the work they did equally with men, or hold property. All these issues have a relation to economic and political aspects, which penetrated the society of that time. In addition, throughout the book, the author mentions class divisions and discrimination based on race. All these discussions represent the book’s intention to touch on political, socia... ... middle of paper ... ...ger in their beliefs and attract more people to their activity. It is a lesson, which teaches everyone to remember that the God praised every human being with equal opportunities, which a man has no right to limit. Part 3 The book became a great source of information for me, which explained the difficulties faced by women of the mentioned period. The author succeeded to convince me that today it is important to remember the ones who managed to change the course of history. Contemporary women should be thankful to the processes, which took place starting from the nineteenth century. Personally, I am the one believing that society should live in terms of equality. It is not fair and inhuman to create barriers to any of the social members. References McMillen, S. (2008). Seneca falls and the origins of the women 's rights movement. New York: Oxford University Press.

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