Elements Of Culture And Socialization

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According to the Cambridge Dictionary Culture id defined as »the way of life, especially the general belief and custom, of a particular group of people at a particular time.« (1) Culture also can be defined as the total body of tradition which born by a society and transmitted from one generation to another generation. It thus refers to the language, norms, symbols, values and standards by which people act. It is that complex whole which involves law, custom, morals, art, belief, knowledge and any other habits and capabilities which acquired by a member of society. According to the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition(CARLA), culture is illustrated as the shared pattern of interaction and behavior, affective understanding and cognitive construct which is learned through the socialization process.

Elements of Culture

A huge topic of study for sociologists is culture. It
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Humans in a society have specific beliefs. Belief is the tenets that people hold to be true. This belief is liable for the spiritual fulfillment of wants and needs. For example, Muslims believe in The Day of Judgment, Holy Prophet, God, Hajj and recitation of Holly Quran. Christians have cross and a necklace or a cotton thread around their nick. Sikh bear a long beard, keeping a dagger and wear bangle in one hand.

Values system of value is another important element of culture, which is culturally defined standards for what is good or bad and desirable or undesirable. The of value is social production not biological. Value depends upon the culture. Values are different in every social situation due to culture which caries from society to society. The culture is full of values that transmitted from one generation to another. A culture’s value shapes its norm. For example, in Japan group harmony is a central value. The Japanese dislike interpersonal conflict and place great emphasis on harmonious social

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