Cultural Identity Essay

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To understand how someone’s cultural identity, values and beliefs may impact and or conflict their professional interactions and practice we should firstly comprehend what ‘culture’ means. Culture can be explained in many ways, although some believe it is the knowledge given from previous generations. A system of beliefs and values within a society can also be ones definition of culture. Therefore our cultural identity can have a impact on the way we care for our patients, in that delivering care across such a wide variety of cultures requires mind-fullness, respect, and acceptance overall. The elements that stem from our cultural identity come from our family, history, life experience, education and Social class. Our identity, is the way we…show more content…
My farther, born in Italy where his cultural values are much the same as mine. We are all brought together by the over production of home-made heavy heart warming food. A gathering isn’t about eating or filling our faces with numerous bowls of pasta, but the presence of all being together at that very moment, and recognizing the support and love for one another. The differences between my Italian and australian culture stem from my grandparents perception and how they were brought up. For instance, both my italian grandparents considered it rude and a insult to leave food on your plate, whereas my Australian side do not. In many cultures food is a way of retaining our cultural identity, eating a meal that has been past on for many generations has created a sense of…show more content…
kelly state that having a vocational identity can have a significant motivation throughout someone’s life choices in relation to there interest and capabilties to explore, plan and establish goals. A vocational identity can produce a positive psychological well being, it can also produce clear stable goals and therefore appreciate a high degree of purpose in life (Yun-Jeong shin and Kevin R kelly).Without there direction it would be significantly harder to reach the goals that I once believed were non existent. My family support and guidance has helped me embrace different cultural awareness, acknowledging and respecting others and their views. (Omeri and raymond) describe this as cultural competence, and as accepting different behaviours, attitudes and practices to improve and learn from their care

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