Electronic Bulletin Board Systems

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Electronic bulletin board systems first started in 1980. Today, however, there are many social networks in use by millions of people around the world. Instagram,Vine, and Twitter are extremely popular ways to communicate with friends and family. Technology, today, helps many people learn and study new thing, but to some it is highly addictive and corrupted. It is harmful to be addicted to technology because of the impact of technology, the unhealthy lifestyle it creates, and the negative affects it has on the brain.
Technology has a huge impact on humans lives today. “Now people prefer to interact via interact than personally” (importance of technology 2). Internet, cell phones, and e-mailing are some different ways to communicate now days besides talking in person. A lot of the vocabulary that is used in the twenty-first century is abbreviated, such as: by the way (btw), talk to you later (ttyl), be right back (brb), best friends forever (bff), and more. The internet is used for education in many ways. Using the internet could be an awful source, because a lot of the information is opinions. Therefore, people are using false information.
“Children prefer to play online games than to take part in physical activities.” (importance of technology 2). When on a website the mind tend to stay “ tuned in” and soon hours have gone by. People will sit and watch television and be on websites twelve hours out of a day, not knowing that it is extremely unhealthy, because people are being entertained. That is a reason why a lot of people are lazy and out of shape.
People today live such an unhealthy lifestyle due to technology. Social media, such as, Twitter,
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...m, speak to others around the world, get to know people, and just have fun on. In reality, the brain cells are dying every minute spent on it. Technology does have a huge impact on the lives of individuals today. That could be good or bad; it just depends on what it is being used for. People are living an unhealthy lifestyle, because technology has captured the minds of people. Which, then, turns into technology becoming addictive, and changing our brains. Technology can be used for good. Do not sit all day watching television or messing around on computers. Do not let social media take over life. Do not let technology stand in the way of relationships with the Lord and Savior. In today's generation it feels like having to have social media because it is not possible to live without it. Humans can live without social networks, but humans cannot live without Christ.
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