Effects of the Industrial Revolution

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Effects of the Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution created many changes in society. Two of these changes had positive and negative effect on the labor forces and the growth of the modes of transportation that was used to. New jobs were created with the assumption that things would be better for everyone. The increase of the development of technological and industrial fields weren't what society thought it would be. The Industrial Revolution was the good and bad of many civilizations.

The industrial revolution had many effects both negative and positive. On the one hand, the work opportunities were positive in that it gave more jobs for both women and men. Women were now able to work in a factory but were paid less than men, although they had a better chance of getting hired because of being paid less. Another positive effect was the growth of social classes. As industrialization continued, both the middle and working class began to increase. The middle class would increase in that they would be given the likelihood of controlling the upper classes power by having control over the work in factories. The working class would increase by there being more jobs to work at.
On the other hand, there were many negative effects as well. One negative effect would be child labor. Mothers and fathers would bring their children to work and they would use them to squeeze into small spaces to help with the machines. This was a negative effect in regards to the fact that children could get hurt from the poor working conditions and lose limbs. There were many dangerous work areas and situations such as, tight spaces and small windows. In addition, many factories were polluted. This caused many factories to have diseases spread such as pneumonia and tuberculosis. As people were dying and getting sick strikes took place and unions were created to go against factories and improve working conditions. This caused a positive effect, in turn giving many individuals a chance to speak their minds and keep their families safe.
Another effect from the Industrial Revolution was the growth of railroads. A positive effect of the growth of railroads were not only a cheap way to transport good and people, it also increased the sale of goods between various populations.
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