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Child labor is one of the most common things that we see nowadays, every child in this world deserves happiness but because of poverty some children have to work to support their families. Imagine how these children are withheld from the experiences of their childhood that they’re supposed to be enjoying. These children never get the chance to go and play outside or even enjoy a simple game with friends. Child labor is an unpleasant experience for anyone who is involved, we need to take a stand so that way child labor with not continue. From what we can see now days children work to earn money, and sometimes children are treated like a slave from ages three and up. All over the world children are suffering from emotional, physical, and sexual abuse that is caused from child labor. Not only can child labor be harmful to a child’s health or their spiritual, mental, physical, and social development, but it also takes away from the children’s chances of trying to get an education and primarily takes away their childhood.
Throughout history, many forms of child labor have existed, including child slavery and also indentured servitude. When industrialization grew it moved the workers from workshops and farms into more urban areas and to work in factories, for these jobs the children were well-liked because the owners of these factories saw them as cheaper, less likely to strike, and also easier to manage. Around the 1900s, many states decided whether they enforced child labor or not in their standards. By this time in history, many American children work in vast numbers in glass factories, home industries, agriculture, mines. Then during the twentieth century, child laborers in the U.S. had came to a peak. When child labor lead to a de...

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...or by forging alliance with other countries unions. With these alliances it allows them to achieve enforceable global labor standards such as transnational companies accountable for labor practices. History strategies that still apply are: free education for all children, red card to child labor, and union and community organizing. The International Labor Rights Fund have started to pursue legal action against companies alleged labor abuses in other countries. To end child labor its important to increase children's access to a public education is the top strategy to end it. A way to promote children to get an education is by removing the children from potentially hazardous workplaces and enroll the children in an assistance and education program. By doing this it will allow the child to have a better education and a better life for themselves and their families.
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