Effects Of Progressive Orthodoxy

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Spindler College English 1.3.2017 In 21st century society, it’s common for people to publicly identify with certain groups that they relate to. Of these, the most common are political groups such as, Republicans and democrats, and needless to say they each have varying views. These groups even have sub cultures that don’t necessarily agree with the former party's platform. Everyone can relate to a time when they’ve either said, or been around someone when they’ve said something that isn’t P.C, or what we define as “Politically correct”. To be politically correct is to Avoid all forms of expressions and actions that exclusively exclude, or target those who are socially disadvantaged.”. Some definitions of the term include “Often taken to extremes”. …show more content…

Many believe that progressive orthodoxy can have more of a negative effect rather than a positive one. As everyone aims to be politically correct, a lot of people feel as if their freedoms are being limited. It’s very difficult nowadays to have a political identity without being branded with all of society's views about the types of people that belong to which groups. Most people have a difficult time sharing whether or not they have a political affiliation due to fear of scrutiny. They fear hearing things such as “You’re republican, so you must be a racist, bible thumping homophobe”, or “You’re a democrat, you must be a freeloading vegan.” David French, a staff writer at the national review would agree that statements like these “Narrows choices and minds” When we make quick assumptions like this, we limit the way that we process, and synthesise new ideas. As French says “It’s one thing to support gay marriage, transgender rights, affirmative-action, amnesty for illegal immigrants and large-scale Muslim immigration. They’re ideas worth debating. It’s another thing entirely to write off opponents of progressive ideology as homophobes, transphobes, racists and Islamophobes.” What French is trying to say is that you are completely allowed to practice whatever beliefs you want, but you can’t label any opposition as part of some evil, tyrannical, organization. Expressing some form of concern about the negative effects of large scale immigration is not racist. Defending christian biblical orthodoxy about sexuality isn’t a symbol of hate. People resent being censored because it makes them feel as if they are saying “evil things”. When factions two major factions occupied by the most people are generally unhappy with each other, it hinders the ability of a lot of things to be accomplished. Quite frankly it’s a waste of time, and energy that could be applied to far more

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