Successes And Limitations Of The Progressive Era

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Reform brought incredible change in America with the help of state and municipal levels of government in America, but primarily in the federal level. Influences within government at the national level such as Theodore Roosevelt, WIlliam Taft, and Woodrow Wilson brought significant successes and limitations in the period of 1900-1920. These three presidents inflicted the most change during the Progressive Era, helping rid America of corruption, trusts, poor living and working conditions, and promoting moral responsibility and conservation. Theodore Roosevelt, the twenty-sixth president of the United States of America and the founder of the Progressive Era, received his chance at office after President McKinley tragically died. If McKinley…show more content…
As usual, women and blacks were taken away the chance of change from their original state. Women continued to endure suffrage by being perceived as an inferior and being pressed with the challenges in the home and workplace. Similarly, blacks continue to be obscured of rights, being treated as a non-humans and given the worst possible situations in any job or social matter. However, Jane Addams, founder of the Hull House, always seemed to have an open door to those in need. She worked to solve problems and provide better living and working conditions and advocating for workers. She also helped immigrants, setting an example for all people, regardless of the places they go (Doc 3). The Progressive Era took great strides during the early 1900s, however, limits will always be prevalent. Change enforced from a national level was, for the most part, successful and brought the United States much closer to the time today. The Progressive Era and the *Reconstruction after the Civil War were very similar. Extreme change was influenced throughout the nation while new acts and amendments were created. Regardless, The three presidents created a great sense of change by establishing brilliant ways to strengthen

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