Christianity’s Role in American Politics

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Christianity’s role in America has rapidly changed over the last decades. Although it is still the most popular religion in the country its power over the people has decreased significantly. However, there are still many misconceptions towards American Christianity and in order to understand the unique nature of this religiously diverse country; one must understand its history and its citizens own views on the matter.
Research Question
A common opinion of the people of Sweden is that America is country controlled by a group of Christian fanatics. I wish to showcase that Americans different views on religion in comparison to Europeans are mainly due to historical reasons and that its diverse religious views does not necessarily affect their political views. A common misconception is for example that both abortion and homosexuality is illegal and generally opposed by a majority of the American public due to religious reasons, I believe that this is simply not true and wish to bring forth evidence for this.
Just like in Europe and many other parts of the world, religion has been on the decline for many years now in America. From the historical point of view, religion in America is very different from what it was in Europe. The first amendment of the American constitution forbids the state to establish an official church of the state. In other words, secularization is the very premise that America is built upon. In many European countries it is the complete opposite as in for example Sweden where the state church has played a huge role for centuries, and where the church was separated from the state only a few decades ago
This has caused American society to have a rather unique view on religion. America is ...

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...on the word Christian. For example an article from Aftonbladet that has the title “Kristna i USA rasar mot den svenska homopolitiken”. Does that mean that 77 % of the American Christian population is outraged towards the Swedish politics on homosexuality? No, once you read further you will find out that it is the small extremist Westboro Babpist Church that has released a statement.

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