Effective Multicultural Teacher In The Film 'Dangerous Minds'

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Teachers reach out to their students in many in many different shapes or forms to gain their attention, obviously there are no two teachers who are alike. In comparison to the two different types of educators, some decide to be strict all the time in the classroom, have zero tolerance for any kind of acting up, and assign homework on a daily basis. While the more passive and mellow teachers allow their students to have a break once in a while and allow them to tell a joke or two. However, there are many qualities that can make instructors superior, in the film “Dangerous Minds” Ms. Johnson was a new hire to the school, and was given a tough group of kids that came from a distinct parts of town. At the beginning of the film I noticed that her …show more content…

Johnson showed was the characteristics of an “Effective Multicultural Teacher”. Ms. Johnson was given a classroom with a set of kids that came from two different cultures which were Latino and African American. She was able to get provide clear objectives such as when they did not get her material she would try and give them material that would catch their attention. Even though most of them never thought they would graduate, she set high expectations of her students’ and would make them think. In my opinion, I believe it was very interesting when she made the poetry contest and chose three winners. She was able to take out her student to a nice dinner, get out of the streets for one day, show them what a nice dinner in the city is like, which is something that getting an education can reward you with. One of the characteristics that I do not agree with in “Effective Multicultural Teachers” state’s teachers need to have experience in teaching culturally diverse students. Ms. Joanne was an ex Marine it this was going to be her first time teaching, but did an excellent job in teaching her classroom. Her experience came from serving in the Marine Corps, because anyone who serves in the military gets the opportunity to work in a more culturally diverse environment. (Snowman et al,

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