Education And Education: The Importance Of Computer Education

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it cannot be neglected that computer education is becoming an essential part of life. Everybody has basic right to get education. Now all Educational institutions think it as a compulsory part of curriculum. The schools which can afford computers in the class rooms, teach their students with the help of computers. Government of Pakistan also has realized the importance of computer education. Prime minister of Pakistan and chief minister of Punjab has launched program “laptop scheme” for intelligent students of colleges and universities to get latest knowledge, compete the world, appreciate them and to tell them the importance of computer technology. Computers are used in different schools at different levels. The use of computers in the classrooms is not a new concept, as “technology has played a role in education ever since some enterprising …show more content…

(2007) said “The use of ICT in education has the potential to enhance the quality of teaching and learning, the research productivity of teachers and students, and the effectiveness of institutions.” Developing countries are facing a number of challenges to integrate ICT in education. Access to ICT facilities is a major challenge faced by most of the developing countries. “Physical capacity and connectivity issues also challenge developing countries to acquire these technologies.” (UNESCO 2005). No doubt our generation will never proceed in skills and knowledge to attain good outcomes in the 21st century, if they are taught by teachers using a model chalked out in the 19th century. There is a need to reconsider and rebuild the teaching and professional development programs, so that we can optimally achieve our objectives. In developing countries majority of teachers use a blackboard and chalk in the classroom. Audio-visual aids such as pictures, charts and maps are rarely used in classroom instruction. Library books or magazines are used regularly in some educational institutions in these

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